Girls Varsity Softball · Senior Survey with Rachel Mease

Rachel Mease
Sport you play in Spring (Your # if applicable)
Softball #2
What is the first thing you want to do once Covid Guidelines are removed?
I want to go on a vacation in the islands and relax as if Covid never happened.
What are your plans after you graduate?
I will be attending the University of Findlay to play softball and study Early Childhood Education.
If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? Why?
I would love to visit Mykonos which is an island in Greece because views of the ocean are absolutely gorgeous and I want to be able to go and visit in person rather seeing the island through a picture.
What is one good thing that has come out of the Global Pandemic?
I started taking all CCP courses in the fall and now spring, which has allowed me to enjoy school more and also allowed my to keep my grades up.
Who is your favorite athlete?
Aliyah Andrews, she is the starting center fielder for LSU and she is the player I am most inspired by and strive to be everyday.
What is your favorite subject in school?
If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy?
I’d buy land and build my dream house.
What do you hope to accomplish in your sport this Spring?
I hope to accomplish the big game wins and the awards at the end of season but for right now I hope my team and I have fun considering we lost out on a whole season last year.
What food are you afraid to try?
I am afraid to try escargot
What would your dream job be?
I have always wanted to be an elementary teacher so within the next 5 years that dream will come true. Hopefully I can teach first grade when I graduate college.