Boys Varsity Baseball · Go Inside the Dugout with Senior, Austin Roy

What is your name?
Austin Roy
How many years have you played baseball?
What position do you typically play?
Do you have a favorite baseball memory?
I have a few but one of my favorites was when we were playing Avon the dugout was shouting someone’s name when I was pitching and even the coaches joined in
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen during a baseball game?
Aiden Matta face planting at third when we played Midview our freshman year
If we asked the opposing team to describe you as a player what would they say about you?
Quiet and shows no emotion when playing
What do you like best about playing baseball?
Winning and making memories
Are you superstitious at all related to baseball? If so how? 
What is your favorite MLB Team?
Who is your favorite MLB player?
Trevor Bauer
Do you see yourself playing baseball after high school?
What are you doing to stay prepared for baseball during the Covid 19 period?
Throwing and Working out
How do you wear your socks and pants during a game?
Long socks and baggy pants
If you could make it happen, what would be your ultimate baseball memory?
Pitching a perfect game to win states