Boys Varsity Tennis · Step on the Court with Senior, Connor Hensley

What is your Name?
Connor Hensley
How many years have you played Tennis?
What position do you play typically? 
Second Singles
Do you have a favorite Tennis memory?
In my junior year it was the first time our team was able to win matches. The first away match we won, we all went on the bus blasting “We Are the Champions” singing along to it and celebrating our victory.
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen during a Tennis match ?
Dain’s prematch chants are always hilarious.
If we asked the opposing team/player to describe you as a player what would they say about you?
Fair, surprisingly competitive
What do you like best about playing Tennis?
Having Fun
Are you superstitious at all related to Tennis? If so how?
What are you favorite pro tournament to watch?
Roger Federer v Nick Kyrgios
Who is your favorite tennis player?
Roger Federer
Do you see yourself playing tennis after high school?
Yes but for fun
What are you doing to stay prepared for tennis during the Covid 19 period?
Exercising and going to courts to the courts when they open up
Do you have a favorite style of shoe/type of tennis shoe you wear?
If you could make it happen, what would be your ultimate tennis memory?
Beating the Vermillion linebacker I faced during my freshman year that was twice my size.