Girls Varsity Basketball · Where are they now with North Ridgeville Alumni Isabella Pecchia

Your Name
Isabella Pecchia
What year did you graduate?
What Sports did you play while at North Ridgeville?
Women’s Basketball
Did you play any sports in college after you graduated North Ridgeville?
Women’s Basketball
What was your favorite class while at North Ridgeville?
AP Art History with Ms. Frieg
What is your favorite sports memory from North Ridgeville?
Off season camps
If you could give any advice to current high school students what would you tell them?
Study hard and get good grades starting as a freshman because when you are a senior and applying to college it may be too late to get your GPA high enough for a academic scholarship
What would you say you are most proud of while you attended North Ridgeville?
The teachers and how they cared for their students
How did participating in high school athletics help prepare you for your current life?
My high school coach, Amy Esser, provided me with a wealth of skills that helped me excel as a college athlete and further adult about to enter my professional career