Concession Stand Sign Up: Concession Volunteers

Apparel Stand Sign Up: Apparel Volunteers


Dear Athletic/Band Parents/Guardians,


Our Booster groups have joined forces to run the concession stands for all home sporting events throughout the school year. The Booster Club also sells Ranger Apparel and multiple events during the year. Due to the need of over 400+ volunteers we have created a program to assist our families with pay to participate fees.


For each shift that is worked you will be credited with $10 in “Booster Bucks” that will then be applied to the following school year pay to participate fees. (For example if you work 7 shifts during the 2017-2018 school year, you will receive a credit of $70 towards your pay to participate fees for the 2018-2019 school year. If your PTP fees are $250 – 70 = $180 owed for PTP fees.) You will receive a letter at the end of the school year with what your total “Booster Bucks” are that will be applied towards your fees. This program only applies to pay to participate fees and cannot be used towards any other school fees. Both concessions and apparel shifts count towards the “Booster Bucks.” Senior parents will need to work a minimum of 5 shifts in order for your student to be eligible for a scholarship from either booster group.


You will be responsible for signing into the volunteer book at the beginning of each shift worked and signing out at the end of each event. There will be no refunds/cash payouts for any shift worked. This program will only be applied to PTP fees for the following year and not the current amount due. There will be no refunds for overpayment of fees.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Maria Sycz at 440-225-7193.