A Message from the Athletic Director about the North Ridgeville Athletic Department

This is truly a dynamic time in the North Ridgeville City School District. There is a commitment to excellence that touches all areas of the district. A key component of the new vision is the focus on education and student life, which includes athletics. Athletics is far-reaching within the North Ridgeville schools, with more than 500 students participating in varsity sports, learning the lessons taught through competition; sportsmanship, team-building, goal-setting, time-management and leadership-development. The athletes in the school district not only find success in the athletic arena, but also excel in the classroom.

Additionally, the Athletic Department of the North Ridgeville City Schools is committed to a high-quality athletic program by offering a variety of sports to the students of our school district. Each student that participates will be offered a comprehensive program based on uncompromising integrity. It is the Athletic Department’s goal to assist each student in reaching their ultimate potential by emphasizing positive interaction and relationship building with both coaches and fellow students. Our Athletic Department Staff promotes honesty and ethical standards, as well as insist on sportsmanship, fairness, and respect for others.

We expect our students and coaches to uphold these standards at all times. I would ask that you, as community members, parents and supporters, reinforce these standards when you interact with our student-athletes, as well as the opposing teams, coaches and contest officials.

Thank you,

Brooke Uehlein               Shayna Asp

Athletic Director              Assistant Athletic Director